My Passion:    Real Estate
My Goal:         Results
My Reward:   Customer Satisfaction & Referrals

In 2008, Brianne Drake is the agent who represented me on the purchase of my current home. I take my hat off to her because it took 2 1/2 years to find the perfect ranch house that I dreamed of.  Brianne never lost patience or acted in any capacity other than the highly competent and excellent agent that she is.  She was always truthful (even if it hurt) and never discouraged me to settle on a home that I was not completely happy with.  Last year, I contacted Brianne to act as my agent in selling my the home I had owned since 1976.  Brianne gave me advice on what remodeling updates what best enhance the property and help in the sell.  She put me in contact with a contractor who did an outstanding job, checked the stats for my area and help me list for a realistic price.  Because of Brianne's expertise, my home listed, sold and closed within 3 1/2 weeks. I have and will continue to recommend Brianne Drake to anyone buying of selling a home.  She is the best of the best.
-Carla Phillips

Ms. Brianne Drake is truly a high-caliber professional, her knowledge of the local market and negotiating skills are impeccable. I started my home buying process while deployed overseas in Afghanistan and needed someone I could really depend on. Working with Brianne was a pleasure, she kept me informed every step of the way from searching listings to making an offer. Brianne was always available to take my calls and responded to all my e-mails in a timely matter. Any questions that I had were answered to my satisfaction, and she went above and beyond without hesitation by providing photographs and videos for properties I had an interest in. Brianne, I can’t thank you enough for the time and dedication you gave me during my home buying process and will always be grateful for your support. Ms. Drake delivers results from the beginning to the end, and for that reason I would definitely recommend her to anyone in the future.
-Howard Dockery

“I found Brianne to be very savvy, patient, and extremely professional during our four- month home buying process. She was always timely for appointments and provided honest feedback. Brianne kept us informed all the way; the contract and amendment(s) processes were always above board and transparent. I was very impressed with her negotiating ability as she assisted us in getting the prospective sellers to address and correct areas that were of concern for us after the home inspection was completed. Brianne knows the can, should, and cannot do’s during the home buying process. I would highly recommend Brianne as your realtor. She DEFINITELY knows what she is doing. I might add I was very picky and particular during the looking process; however, Brianne was very patient and understanding throughout the entire process. Once we found a house, we closed 30 days after our offer was accepted. If you want peace of mind by having a realtor who knows the process and guidelines I suggest you talk with Brianne Drake first.”

- Fannie McKenzie

“Brianne truly was a blessing to our family when it came down to getting our home sold. She kept in contact with us throughout the entire process, and didn't leave us unsure of anything like previous realtors we have had. We are a military family, so not being in the same state as our home that we were needing to sell was very hard. I highly recommend her, and when my husband has reached retirements in
the military and we head back to our home state of Georgia, Brianne will be the only person we contact to purchase a new forever home. Thank you Brianne for your hard work and dedication!”

-Stephanie Johnson

“Brianne is a very professional and caring person. She is accurate and precise with the information that she provides you about the sell or purchase of your home. She is very patient because she knows that buying a home is very important. We have referred her to several people and they all have been very pleased with her service. She treats you as if you were family which makes you feel comfortable to ask any questions or if you have any concerns. One of her most important assets is that you can always reach her and she will always call you back. I would highly recommend her as an agent!”

- Satisfied Customer

“I enjoyed working with Brianne when I was looking for my new home. She was not pushy and listened to what I wanted not what she wanted for me. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is in the market for buying a home.”

- Satisfied Customer

“We first came into contact with Brianne, because she was the listing agent on a home we were interested in buying on a short sale. She was professional from the first meeting to closing. She was able to overcome several major hurdles in order to make our purchase happen. I would consider her an expert in wading through the bureaucracy of the banks in order to make something happen quickly. We were so
impressed with Brianne that we listed our previous house with her as a short sale, and she was able to facilitate a sale within just a few months. We have since referred Brianne to several friends who have all experienced the same level of service and expertise that few real estate agents possess.”

- Brown Family

“Brianne Drake is a wonderful realtor. I would recommend any home buyer to work with her especially first time home buyers. She worked with me for several months before we found my dream home. It was a home that she picked out to show me. It had everything that I wanted in a home. Which means she was listening and reading all of the hundreds of e-mails that I was sending to her. She never told me that we wouldn't find it. She took her time and educated me on the ins and outs of making a home purchase. When I would get upset she would always be that kind voice telling me that it was out there and we would find it. She never once made me feel like I just needed to settle on a home. She actually encouraged me to slow down and make the best home purchase for my needs. She was instrumental with helping me get to closing. When the banking agents weren't returning my calls and advising me on the next steps to take she was right there advocating on my behalf. My closing was not definite and changed. I closed on her birthday which she had previously taken time off to vacation. Within 24 hours she changed her travel plans to be there with me. After my home purchase I thought Brianne's job was over and I would never hear from her again. To my surprise she continued to stay in contact with me reminding me of very important things that I needed to do as a new home owner. Brianne Drake is more than just an ordinary realtor. She is an advocate that works for her client. She is interested in more than just a sale. She really wants her client to have their dream home.”

- Rotronda Williams

“Brianne is truly an adept Realtor. I was in a precarious situation and needed to sell my house very quickly. Brianne provided me with sage advice, and immediately began working to get my house sold. I was very, very happy with my experience with her, and I have, and will continue to recommend her to my friends and family. She is the BEST that I have ever seen.”

- Williams

“We bought a house recently with Brianne's help. She took me and my wife's hand and walked us through the process as patiently and intelligently as anyone could. We consider ourselves "picky" buyers who were in the market for the "perfect" house- and Brianne did not stop her diligent work until we were 110% satisfied! From the house hunting to the negotiations- she took care of it all. I promise you- you will not find a better agent in the Atlanta area.”

- Phillips

“Brianne Drake should be rated on a scale a “10”. She is EXCELLENT. From my first meeting to the end of my sale (closing) she was very knowledgeable, warm and understanding through the process. I will definitely recommend Brianne to friends, relatives, and co-workers who might be thinking about purchasing a home. In the future, whenever or wherever I decide to purchase another property, I will seek Brianne out for assistance and service. It has been and was a pleasure working with Brianne Drake. Brianne continues to be the BEST agent you are! I’ll never forget your motivation and help!”

- Audrey Zellars

“We’ve worked with several Realtors; however, none compare to Brianne. She sold our home in a reasonable time and sold us our current home. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to our family! We will never use another agent.

-Satisfied Buyer and Seller

“I’m very proud of Brianne. She’s very knowledgeable about real estate. Brianne has made my transition to move into my first home very comfortable. I would and will recommend Brianne to anyone I know that’s interested in purchasing a home or any other property! I give thanks to God for sending Brianne to me. Thank you very much. Keep up the great work Brianne!”

- Alfonza

“I couldn't have asked for a better agent! Brianne is an angel and I appreciate her hard work, dedication and strong passion for her job. I can’t explain enough, how grateful I am for her help. Thank you Brianne and God Bless you!”

- Jarian

“Over all I’m 100% satisfied with Brianne Drake. She is an excellent agent, friendly with me and my family. She made me and my family feel like she was a friend and after the sale was done and signed, she still called to verify how we were doing in the home. Thanks Brianne.”

- Silvia Grace

“Brianne Drake is an excellent salesperson and she is very knowledgeable about real estate. We have referred her to other family members and friends because of her expertise. Ms. Drake was a pleasure to work with buying the home. She made the process easy, and I would definitely refer her to anyone interested in purchasing a home.”

-Jacinta Montgomery

“Me and my wife can’t express our appreciation in words for the job Ms. Drake has done for us. She is excellent at what she does and her skills were unmatched compared to ANY other realtor we’ve dealt with. (Great asset to your firm)”

-Bradley and Meredith Forbes

“Brianne Drake epitomizes professionalism and dedication. She is thorough, courteous, hardworking, and most of all she listens. She is an asset to your organization.”

- Rasheeda Salaam

“When I first met Ms. Brianne Drake it was like I had known her for years. She is a very professional and spiritual person both in and out. This world needs more people like her. Keep up the Good Work! Brianne thanks a million, you’re the BEST!”

- Tammy Cox

“My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Brianna on the closing on our new home last year. She was referred to us by a friend and we have no regrets. She is professional, courteous, friendly, and efficient and she most definitely is a voice for her clients.”


“I was blessed to have Brianne as my agent to assist me in selling my vacation home in Ga. She is very knowledgeable in all areas including if you are experiencing extreme financial difficulty and need to possibly do a short sale. She focuses and brings out the imperative features in your home in addition to giving suggestions to improve the curb appeal of your home in order to attract not only buyers but the right buyer who will possibly offer you more than what your home was priced on the market. I thought it was going to be headache and hard working with an agent while living in another state but Brianne kept constant contact with me updating me on every stage of the short sale process. She’s compassionate, hardworking, caring, courteous, and will fight what’s right and will not allow any of her clients to be taken advantage of. Within the 1 day of putting my home on the market, she was able to attract some buyers. She didn’t allow me to be low balled on my offer
and have superior negotiating skills. I took her advice and waited about 3 weeks and we attracted the right buyer that offered me the full price of my home. We experienced a fight and tough times dealing with a bank and a broker with approving my short sale so because of this issue we had to get approvals from both companies. We didn’t have any problems with the bank but the broker was a nightmare in which

Brianne handled the dealt with them diligently and consistently not backing down fighting for me. She renegotiated with my buyer and was able to get my buyer to offer me $15,000 more than what my house was on the market for. I was told some wrong information from the broker that I didn’t qualify for a special program from Fannie Mae that would have assisted me in keeping my beautiful vacation home, even though I was experiencing a financial and medical crisis not able to walk on my own without assistance and making $30,000 less in income, had lost 3 important people in my life at the same time to cancer and Brianne made the process so easy and stress free for me and kept fighting for an approval from the broker. Needless to say not only did the broker told me I didn’t qualify for the Fannie Mae program but the person handling my short sale there was unprofessional, discourteous, and kept giving me wrong information when I asked. Brianne remained professional and courteous even though this person and her supervisor were unprofessional to not only me but to her as well. She drew the line when they started to not return her numerous calls and emails to update us on the status of my short sale and to inquire if there was any other additional information or documents they needed from me but to no avail the case manager never returned her numerous calls and emails, even when she contacted the person’s supervisor to inform them of this, the case manager handling my file still didn’t return any of her calls or emails. She stands for what is right and is far more than your average agent. She investigated and probed to a state representative’s office for help since I was being dealt with so unfairly and given the wrong information regarding programs she found out I did qualify when she made a phone call to Fannie Mae. She made formal complaints on my behalf to a state representative and to

Fannie Mae on my behalf which in turn I followed up with formal complaints as well in order to stop my foreclosure date since it was vastly approaching and we still had an offer for $15,000 above the market price of my home, even after she dealt with the broker for 6 months and they still refused to give a decision on my short sale approval to proceed with the sale of my home. Unfortunately to no fault of Brianne’s the broker waited to deny my short sale hours before my foreclosure date without any reason. even when Brianne asked if the reason was because they came up with a specific price for the home in order to approve it and to no avail the supervisor refused to give an answer and was again discourteous and rude to her for no reason. She explained that if that was the problem that the buyer really wanted my home and had expressed that he was willing to offer more in order to get them to approve this short sale because he wanted the home. After some investigation, I found out that all my buyer had to come up with was less than a $1,000 more for the broker to approve it. If you’re looking for an agent that has your best interest at heart, a fighter, excellent negotiator, courteous, compassionate, honest, attracts serious buyers, and someone that’s excellent with documentation, excellent negotiating skills, and keeps in constant contact with you then Brianne Drake is the best way to go. She is an asset not only to Keller Williams but to her community as well and that’s the type of agent you need to sell your home. I give her my highest recommendation. It was certainly a pleasure working with her and I plan to use her as my agent in the future”

-M. Rose